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busy days n nights.
to random people who just come across my blog. i've had this blog for YEARS. and its not your typical one.. its mainly for myself and perhaps those who know me well. i don't post shit for the masses so don't come here and expect to read about celebrity gossip, new album/single release articles, artist cover stories or all that jazz.. there are enough dope bloggers that cover that on the internet. this little live journal is a place for me to vent, share my thoughts, talk about my day/week, and just type away... (i sometimes have a tendency to ramble)... so lets ramble on...

its been non-stop for me this whole weekend.. if you've been following on twitter you know. instead of typing in detail let me just show you what my past couple days have been like:

WED: work all day, meeting right after, hilltop (local bar) w/ some congress folks
THURS: work all day, passion party @ night (helped out a friend consultant)
FRI: work all day, chilled w/ a new friend, dinner w/ old co-workers, ab rude/busdriver show @ bluelamp
SAT: hiphop congress BBQ, capitol garage benefit hiphop show
SUN: (TODAY) grind for the green solar panel hiphop show in the bay w/ dead prez & mistah fab

so.. time to get ready.. just thought i'd share my fabulous life with ya'll... details n pics (perhaps) to come.

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Glad you're keeping busy and having fun. It's tiring to have so much fun sometimes though isn't it? Are you ready for ur weekend in Vegas? =] Wish you were going for Zulema's birthday too...

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