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i can't help but visualize..
i can't help but visualize my soulmate. when i envision him it isn't quite clear... and this may sound a bit weird but there are 2 men that come to mind. both are happily married with beautiful families. this does NOT mean that i want to be with these men, it means that i admire them and i'd like for my future partner to have similar qualities. 

both are God-fearing, spiritual, professional, enlightened, educated, handsome, positive, beautiful men. i'm truly blessed to have them as friends, period. their wives are just as amazing as them... also beautiful, professional and successful women... the kind of women i aspire to be like. not just because they've attracted the perfect men for themselves... but because they exude the essence of a strong woman... of beauty.. of resilience.. of love. i don't really know them as well as i know their husbands, but i know their husbands well enough to know that they'd never settle for anything less than GODLY.

i'm working on being more godly... i've come a long way already and I think i'm getting closer and closer to fulfilling my destiny... even though i'm not sure exactly what that is.  i just have to stay focused... listen to my intuition, its god talking to me.

my outlook and feelings about love, soulmates, men, relationships have changed immensely throughout the years but the most important thing is that i still believe in love. what i want and believe i deserve seems out of this world... but god knows and will guide me where i'm meant to be and with whom i'm meant to be... even if its just with self.

...ramblings of a hopeless romantic.


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