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Lone goddess of love...
I read old entries and I'm saddened by how depressed I once was. Those feelings were real. I didn't show it much in my face or actions, but you could definitely read it. Writing was therapy, still is... To see how far I've come emotionally is beyond me.  Happy most of the time and when I'm not, I'm neutral. I've found true love.. It was within me this whole time. I've come to terms that I may never have the perfect significant other, I may never have kids... I may never even be in another romantic relationship. It makes me stronger. I'm strong enough to do the rest of this life thing on my own. Never ruling out any possibilities... I just know myself now and I know what I want and deserve... Settling is NOT an option, even if it means facing the world alone. I'm my favorite person, so alone time is never a bad time. I'll spend the rest of my life traveling the world and spreading love.. To me, that's a life fulfilled. Authentic happiness is what they call it.


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