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freeeee hiphop event worth going to


excuse the groupie status but...

JAMIE FOXX IN NOR CAL OCTOBER 10th!!!!!!!!! if you know me, you know that i'm a huge jamie foxx fan. he is a very talented, sexy, funny, fine brotha who i've grown up laughing at and admiring. his show goes on sale TOMORROW. omg. i think i might buy some tix... yup to celebrate my bday since its close by. who to bring.. who to bring....

itchy palms

i can sometimes get supersticious and i remember an old one that said if the palm of your hand is itchy money is coming your way. i got a little excited because my left palm itched. then i did what anyone would do. i googled "itchy palm" and got this:

"what is the myth behind itchy palms?"
If the palm of your right hand is itchy, then it foretells that money is coming to you, but don’t scratch it as that stops the money from coming! If it’s your left palm that is itchy, then scratch away, as that means that you'll soon be paying out money.

go figure.

i have a lot to talk about regarding hiphop congress... and my life... stay tuned.

last weekend before the semester starts
first off.. i wish i were going to this event:

i'm not going to be able to go cuz i'll be on a plane to good ol los angeles. i was due for an outta town outing this month and my last few trips to so cal haven't been for good events. the girls are throwing a big party on saturday and IRIE FEST is on sunday.. but i'm still not sure if i'm going because i need a roll dawg!

i do get in friday night and i may be try to make this:

i mean.. i'm over clubin but my boy blue rose is performing and i would love to see him rock the mic.

there are a lot of things going on when i get back like a lot of congress business. but i am looking forward to our bbq on the 29th... flyer to come.

also... i think a sac hiphop congress cross country tour may be in the works... stay tuned!

the roots are my favorite.
photos via BrooklynVegan.com


i only blog like 2% of my life
i think kanye said that... well same here. i just don't have the time anymore to talk about everything thats been going on... its been quite eventful for me lately and i'm everso grateful. finally i'm proud to say that i live in sacramento. everyone knows how much i've hated it for the past couple years but i'm just about at peace with this city thanks to hiphop.

i went to seattle for the national conference and had an amazing time. i reconnected with an old friend, the homie darkside (csula chapter). i also met so many amazing individuals from all over the country. i felt a great sense of a mutual love n passion for music and the community. i learned that congress is also a family. speaking of family, i was able to visit mine in marysville for about half a day. i haven't seen them in 17 years! we spent our childhood together and reunited as adults and it was simply wonderful. my overall experience in seattle was a blessing and i'm taking everything positive from it to help me move forward in life.

last thursday was the verbal venom itunes release party. verbal venom is aman's group. aman and wes are the first cats from sac hhc that i connected with. aman is half of verbal venom, the other emcee is bentley. they are more on the commercial tip but they get the party poppin. i can respect their hustle. they work hard. i took tisha and crush out there.. megan, raquel and kari came through as well.. it was a good time.

friday evening was "hotpants" at level up on J & 25th. this event is put on by TAIS of Righteous Movement and is definitely a dope spot! that night was dope too! i wish sacramento had more gigs just like this. it was a de la soul vs. tribe called quest night so they played the two (and others) all night long. i was feelin it with all my body and soul. i met some great people that night too including tais & his girl, dj rock bottom (hiphop connoisseur) and mike b.. true hiphop heads that i hope to work with in the future. mike b and i chopped it up on the hiphop tip for a while as tisha and his friend chopped it up on the jazz tip... another amazing evening.

saturday started off rocky.. i had abdominal pains but they got better. i went to second saturday where i saw a couple local rap groups perform in front of united state. we ate at chicago fire and walked around. it was my first second saturday experience... i want congress to be involved with it somehow..

sunday was ROCK THE MFKN BELLS. let me tell you.. i haven't been to RTB since the very first ones where the LL crew headlined and a bunch of LA hiphop groups performed. that one had a crowd of about 300-500 people. the one i went to on sunday had 3 times as many performances and 20 times as many people in the crowd. it was a sea of hiphop heads enjoying the good live music. the clouds of herb smoke filled up the amphitheatre... tisha and i had lawn seats but the homie wes upgraded us to the next level and it was a phenomenal show. so much feeling and emotion... every show was off the hook- chali 2na, tech9, busta, bigboi, the roots, slick rick, reflection eternal, nas & damien marley.... plus all the acts on the paid dues stage.. supernat & krs were some badass hosts too. this is definitely going to be a yearly ritual.

monday the party don't stop! capitol roots put on a benefit show for the washington neighborhood center (where we had our hiphop awareness fest). this event was like a mini hiphop awareness fest. lots of graffiti artists, bboys, bgirls, djs, emcees and people of the community. despite the heat, the event was a great turnout. BUTTERSCOTCH was a surprise and everyone came to see KRS rock the mic. the event was all love and i had so much fun.

well... back to reality.. i'm back on that workout tip. i need it! from the 21-24 i'll be in los angeles visiting my LA folks, partying on saturday and attending IRIE FEST on sunday. then when i get back we gonna get ready for the BBQ on the 29th!!

i love the business of my life.

rock the bells
excuse that last entry.. so freakin cheezy!

back to normal now.. went to the last stop of the rock the bells tour last night. it was AMAZING! i tweeted the whole way through. i had a fantastic time.. who wouldn't with a lineup like this:

i got lots of work to do now.. when i upload my pics i'll post as well as dish the details.

playgirl retired.
i have a sudden need to creatively express this urge
its building up inside of me.. difficult to put into words
it would be absurd to ignore these feelings of confusion
because in my past it has always seemed to be just an illusion
my heart plays tricks on my mind
because i so desperately want to find
a wonderful man
with big hands and stands
at least six feet tall
wants to give his all
to me
as we
grow together to create something we've both been waiting for
cuz we both always knew we deserved more...
than the plethora of mediocre people in the dating world
a sea of silly boys and ignorant girls...
i can make him better, as he can me
but we're both complete before we even meet
we will compliment each other
not supplement each other
because i was born a whole, and that is how i will die
i want to live with him by my side
these are the confessions of a playgirl retired
all the games men boys play are so tired.
this is it... i think i'm ready for the real thing
maxwell said let love set me free to fly my pretty wings.
now i just wait and see and pray
put it in God's hands and it will be ok.

my rock.
i haven't blogged in the past few months because so many things have happened in this short time that will impact me for the rest of my life. the biggest thing was losing my grandmother on july 3, 2009... exactly 3 months before i lost my aunt. anyone who really knows me knows how important my family is to me and how i would gladly give my life to spare theirs. everyone goes through this and it takes time to realize that it's a part of life and although their physical being is not with us, their presence is still felt. its difficult because you start to think of all the things you wanted to do. i am (almost) 26 years old, pinay-american and have never been to the philippines. it was always my dream to go back to the homeland with nanay (nanay means mother in tagalog, thats what we all called my grandmother). i wanted her to show me where she grew up, where she raised my dad, aunts n uncles, where she planted rice in the hot hot sun for hours on end, the house my family grew up in.. she told me stories when i was a kid, as a teenager and as an adult... which i will forever treasure. the purpose for her migration to the US was to help raise my sister and i. when my parents found out they were having me they knew they were gonna need nanay's help. nanay arrived in long beach with us a few days after i was born in 1983 and has been my rock ever since. she passed here in the states and her body was flown into iba, zambales.. where she was born. she is buried next to amang (my grandfather who passed before i was born).

Nay, maraming salamat sa lahat... mis na mis kita at palagi kitang mamahalin...


i miss you.... and my alphas!


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